Dining Table


“Stylish Elegance Dining Table” Rectangle shape with box design base.

Customization Available.

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With its amazing design that blends strength and style, our Premium Finish Dining Table will elevate your dining experience and provide sturdy support for special meals.t This dining table is a symbol of strength and style thanks to its painstaking craftsmanship.
The superior polish gives your dining area an elegant appearance and is more than just a surface. Not only are you sharing a meal at this table, but you’re also making memories in a setting where every little thing adds to the whole experience.

Careful craftsmanship shows our dedication to offering a dining table that endures throughout time, from the robust pedestal to the elegant finish. It becomes a representation of superior quality, providing dependable support for the important occasions in life.
With our Premium Finish Dining Table, where strength and style meet. It becomes an occasion to relish the delight of shared moments, you can make your meals unforgettable. With this chic addition, you can redefine your dining area. Lets make every meal an experience of comfort, dependability, and excellent flavor.

Dimension – 52 x 30 inch , 55 x 36 inch , 60 x 36 inch ( option available )

Material – Stainless Steel PVD Gold / Stainless Steel Silver / Metal Powder Coating Black ( option Available )

Top Material – Glass / Marble / Only Base (without Top) ( option Available ) 


100% Quality Guarantee


Dining Table

Dining Table
Dining Table



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Additional information

Dining table size

52 x 30 inch, 55 x 36 inch, 60 x 36 inch


Black, SS PVD GOLD, SS Silver

Top material

Dining Base ( Without Top ), Glass, Marble


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