Dining Table


Round New Design Dining Table, Big Family Seater Dining.

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With our Transitional Style Dining Table, you can smoothly combine several style to create a beautiful and trendy dining space. It’s a masterful piece of design work. This table is a flexible addition that suits a range of tastes, and it is a monument to the beauty of perfect style fusion. Our dining table is intentionally designed to become a focal point that fits into any environment with ease. Its graceful transitional style serves as a link between various design components. As a consequence, the eating space has an air of refinement and charm, skillfully fusing several styles to provide a singular, fashionable atmosphere.

As you introduce our Transitional Style Dining Table into your home, you’re not just acquiring a piece of furniture; you’re embracing a design philosophy that celebrates the beauty of diversity. The deliberate craftsmanship, from the elegant curves to the thoughtful details. It reflects our commitment to providing you with a dining experience that transcends singular styles. Style your space with this elegant and fashionable dining table. Where the simplicity of combining styles creates a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. Let each meal become a celebration of design diversity. Lets your dining area a showcase of transitional elegance that captivates the eye and complements your unique taste.

Dimension – 52 x 30 inch , 55 x 36 inch , 60 x 36 inch ( option available )

Material – Stainless Steel PVD Gold / Stainless Steel Silver / Metal Powder Coating Black ( option Available )

Top Material – Glass / Marble / Only Base (without Top) ( option Available ) 


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Dining Table

Dining Table
Dining Table


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Additional information

Dining table size

52 x 30 inch, 55 x 36 inch, 60 x 36 inch


Black, SS PVD GOLD, SS Silver

Top material

Dining Base ( Without Top ), Glass, Marble


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