Dining Table


Round Base Inter-connect Design Dining Table.

Customization Available.

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With its ideal balance of efficiency and style, this space-saving dining table will transform any area of your house. This table is more than simply a useful piece of furniture; it’s a work of art that deftly blends style and utility. Our dining table, which is expertly crafted, makes a flexible addition to any living space. Its compact shape allows it to fit neatly into a variety of nooks and crannies, enhancing your home’s design. Its efficiency doesn’t take away from its elegance; rather, it becomes a unique feature that improves your space’s visual appeal.

Our Space-Saving Dining Table is a piece that goes beyond simple furniture to become a statement of careful design, so keep that in mind as you arrange your room. Accept the skill of optimizing design in every available space to turn your house into a showpiece of efficiency and elegance. With this elegant and adaptable addition, you can redefine your space and show off how style has no limits.

Dimension – 52 x 30 inch , 55 x 36 inch , 60 x 36 inch ( option available )

Material – Stainless Steel PVD Gold / Stainless Steel Silver / Metal Powder Coating Black ( option Available )

Top Material – Glass / Marble / Only Base (without Top) ( option Available ) 


100% Quality Guarantee

Dining Table

Dining Table
Dining Table


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Additional information

Dining table size

52 x 30 inch, 55 x 36 inch, 60 x 36 inch


Black, SS PVD GOLD, SS Silver

Top material

Dining Base ( Without Top ), Glass, Marble


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